Self-Finishing Brown University Ivy B Bag Tag/Key Fob/Ornament Kit

A bite-sized project you can stitch in a day! Makes a fabulous gift, or just treat yourself!

Available in two mesh sizes for beginner and intermediate/advanced artisans.  Includes downloadable “Ivy B” Stitch Pattern, canvas with prestitched template, fiber, pre-stitched binding stitch and pre-cut edge-painted leather, waxed linen thread, solid brass hardware (or Velvet Loop & Jingle Bells for the Ornament Finishing option). Also includes Instructional video for stitching and finishing, accessed on our “Instructional Workshop” Page!


How do you self-identify as a needlepoint artisan? We ADORE Beginners and knowing will help us cater to your experience level.

Must-Have-It but Not-Down-To-Stitch-It??
We’ve Got You!!