EXTREME Introduction to Needlepoint Workshop

A great place to begin your journey as a needlepoint artisan! You’ll learn the two most commonly-used stitches, the Continental Stitch and the Basketweave Stitch, as well as simple tricks for easy needle threading and fiber anchoring. The workshop includes a 14-mesh practice canvas with pre-stitching for running start, plenty of fiber, two tapestry needles and a seam ripper (the needlepointer’s magic eraser!) Video demonstrations are available on demand.

Supplement your introductory workshop by choosing your first kit as an “Add On”, or just take it slow and easy. Add our nominal “Travel Fee” for in-home sessions beyond Dorado.


No judging, we just need to plan accordingly

Give us a few scheduling options and we’ll make it work!

Happy to travel for your Stay-At-Home Needlepoint Experience!

These Beginner-Friendly Kits offer a fast-track to “WOW, you made that??”