Destroyed Denim Patch Kit

You know that fabulous pair of Destroyed Jeans that you put your foot through? And now they are a bit overly destroyed? We’ve been there too.

Our Bargello Patches offer a fun and fast solution! Edged in self-adhesive crushed velvet ribbon you simply stick them in place and stitch the pattern directly into your denim. The result is a silk and velvet embellishment that becomes integral to your jeans, wears beautifully and launders just fine.

Each kit comes with a pre-assembled, partially stitched patch, Bargello Stitch Pattern, and an assortment of filament silk fibers. Extra supplies are included so you can create your own shapes and sizes. The Instructional Workshop Videos for this project can be accessed anytime from our “Needlepoint Instruction” page, free of charge.


How do you self-identify as a needlepoint artisan? We ADORE Beginners and knowing will help us cater to your experience level.

Our clear vinyl kit keeper keeps all your project materials organized and ready to go!